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wrestling allstars !!!!!!

this site is for everyone thats interested in legendary wrestling

we have info on wrestlers that made wrestling what it is today

we update this site often  so feel free to check back with us

time-to-time .

the eight wonder of the world andre the giant huge legend go to to find info on not the first giant and not the last giant of wrestling but the true giant of wrestling

please feel free to sign my guest book when ur done ....

if u have comments or suggestions ill be glad to hear them



if u are offended by any of the topics on my page please feel free to leave amd remember  dont forget about the legends of wrestling. they are the true icons of what made wrestling what it is today and without them there would be no wrestling....

i update my site often when something is new in the wrestling entertainment buissness ill be sure to post it soon as i can if you would like to e-mail me my address is sign my guest book and leave ur comments there too

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